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China, one of the most influential and economically powerful nations on the planet, and Ireland – one of the smaller and not as economically powerful nations out there – have been able to build a unique relationship that not many expected or anticipated becoming quite as strong as it has become even just a few short decades ago.

According to multiple reports, in 2014 the amount of trade conducted between these two nations was valued at just over $8 billion. Irish companies do a fair share of exporting Chinese markets, with exports from Ireland headed to China growing by more than 49% over the last decade.

On top of that, 92 Irish companies currently employ 10,000 people inside of China – showing that this economic back and forth is a lot more equal than many would have anticipated.

Even just a few short years ago, the commercial production of food (from farming) exported from Ireland was headed to China in a much larger portion then headed to any other trade partner with this European nation. More than €620 million worth of trade was conducted between Ireland and China when it came to agricultural food exports alone, and that was in 2011!

Only the European Union market gets more agricultural food from Ireland, and this disparity is shrinking more and more each and every single year.

On the flip side of things, China is establishing more and more offices and independent operations in Ireland than ever before as well. A variety of different Chinese companies are setting up shop in Ireland, including elephant, and even the Chinese Development Bank and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have both started to set up shop in Ireland as well.

Diplomats from both of these countries continues stress how important the economic relationship is between, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Because of how friendly Ireland has been with both the United States and with China, it’s going to be interesting to see how the “trade war” between the US and China shakes out – and what kind of crossfire Ireland finds itself caught up in going forward.

To learn a little bit more about everything that these countries bring to the table and then share with one another from a trade and economic standpoint, you want to check out all of the YouTube videos that we for you below.

Please remember that the popularity of the videos we are about to show you are not important, but some videos can be inflated with views. I only found out recently, but you can find out more about this practise if you are interested.


Ireland adds Chinese language to school curriculum

In this video, you’ll learn about the Republic of Ireland adding Chinese to public school curriculums in an effort to better prepare students and young people for the inevitable influence that the Chinese market is going to have in the Western world and beyond.


Ireland and China are a perfect match, says Ambassador of Ireland

This video is 12 months old now, but it is a perfect example of the attitude that the government of Ireland has towards the Chinese government as far as business and trade relationships are concerned. It also highlights how closely aligned both of these nations are politically, and how the decisions that both of these governments make will inevitably impact one another moving forward.


Irish President Higgins woos Chinese investment with visit

This video shows Irish president Michael Higgins and his visit three years ago when he spent 10 days in China with a delegation of Irish state companies and investors, helping them to better understand the opportunities that China offered but also asking them to help influence the Chinese to invest more heavily in Ireland as well.

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