Do Facebook Likes Affect Power & Trade Deals?

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In the online world of social media, many things can influence the outcomes of things and the way we feel about certain subjects. Take a moment to think of a time you posted something witty or meaningful to you. As the likes roll in you feel quite happy, and others also feel the need to share a like or comment. In fact, you only have to head to Facebook to see the comments on open forums you can see the way in which likes can influence others opinions and views on a subject.

So can Facebook likes actually hold any influence over trading power and deals? Well, the honest and blunt answer is a resounding NO! Luckily, trade and power deals are conducted away from the realms of social media platforms and there is little to no influence over the way that they go. Sure, people reading about these trading power deals online can have their say on the subject and how it affects them, they can like, dislike, or send angry face all they want, but ultimately their reactions have zero impact on the industry.

LikeLikes are predominantly a social feature and used more for personal posts, public forums covering news and celebrity, and reactions to imagery and videos. There is no evidence whatsoever that Liking or disliking a post on Facebook hold any power at all over trade unless it is a company using Facebook ads to promote itself. In the case of a business using social media as a way of garnering attention, then yes, Facebook likes can hold a certain amount of influence over the ways that other view them. As an example, you see a new start-up company with 1000’s of like and a few angry faces, you then get a sense of trust from it. However, you see a new startup with 1000s of angry faces and you get the sense that it is untrustworthy or has policies that many people disagree with.

This is possibily why some businesses have bought Facebook likes or got free Facebook likes using several different websites that you can find on the web.

If trading powers conducted all of their work in the public eye and listened to the views of people, then Facebook likes could hold some sway over the outcome of talks. After all, it would be in their interest to listen to the people watching things unfold and play out. Some may think this is unfortunate that they cannot hold any impact on trading powers, but it is actually a very good thing that peoples likes have zero impact on them.

In a world where everyone is offended by something or on behalf of others, it would be dangerous to allow public opinion on social media to sway the way things work. Allowing trading powers to conduct business in the ways which they know work best is the only way for things to be done, and therefore, it is beneficial to exclude the influence of social media and its users from the operations.


Imagine If This Happened

Could you imagine Facebook likes being allowed to sway the way the judicial system works? Sentence by social media opinion? Would it be a fair way to do things? By allowing people who only know the very basic facts or hearsay to cast judgment and change the path of the way things should be would be dangerous, to say the least. When all is said and done, keeping social media influence out of the way of power trade deals is vital to keep it as fluid and free moving as possible.

Facebook likes have no bearing on the protocols, and hopefully, it will stay this way for many years to come. Power trade deals should be left to those who work in the field and not those who carry little knowledge sitting behind their computer screen.

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